Talks On Demand

The Inflammatory Response: Understanding inflammation and the immune system in states of mind

With Antony Haynes and Dr Elisabeth Philipps

Recorded Saturday 1 February 2020

Many of us, including our psychotherapy clients, may suffer from unexplained symptoms of debilitation, and of depression, without a clear context. In fact, general practitioners say that about 25 per cent of their consultations are with patients for whom they cannot give a medical diagnosis or treatment and this can be a key issue in psychotherapy.

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On Loneliness: Therapeutic growth and the capacity for solitude

With Lesley Caldwell, Dr Richard Gipps and Dr Akshi Singh

Recorded Saturday 18 January 2020

Why is it that some people never experience the emotion of loneliness, while others feel excruciating anxiety in solitude? This conference will attempt to understand aspects of an individual’s psyche that predisposes them towards either tendency.

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Conversion Hysteria

A day with Adam Phillips

Recorded Saturday 14 March 2020

This one-day discussion focuses on the question of what constitutes an acceptable picture of change in psychoanalysis. We will begin with a talk by Adam in which he will explore the uses of the word “conversion” in psychoanalytic discourse and the idea of change within the thinking of key theorists.

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Confer’s Annual Psychgeist Conference: Is Psychotherapy a Relationship or a Cure?

With speakers Shoshi Asheri, Dr Richard Gipps, Professor Dany Nobus, Dr Jay Watts and Judy Yellin

Recorded Saturday 21 September 2019

Last year we asked the thought-provoking question What is Normal? as the topic for our think-tank conference to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Somewhat beyond our expectations, the question generated some brilliant, fresh and new perspectives about the therapy process. And so we have posed another challenging question for our speakers to answer in this event: is psychotherapy a relationship or a cure?

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