1.1 Confer Ltd is registered in England and Wales as a Company Limited No. 4962966
VAT Registration No: 823594025.

1.2 Confer is an independent organization established by psychotherapists in 1998 to provide innovative, challenging and inspiring continuing educational events for psychotherapists, psychologists and other mental health workers. Through our seminars and conferences we have made our mark by presenting the cutting edge of thinking and theory in order to deepen our understanding of the mind and to demonstrate the connections between different schools of thought within the psychotherapy domain. Our seminar leaders and panels are chosen from the most experienced practitioners and contemporary theorists to present the latest research findings and theoretical developments.

1.3 Confer events are also designed for the participants’ well-being. With that in mind, we provide time and space for people to network, thoughtfully prepared materials and other resources. Our goal is to create a friendly and secure learning community to support people in their clinical work and professional lives. We recognize that, while professional psychotherapists or other mental health workers are required to continue learning and developing skills throughout their careers, doing so in a meaningful way takes considerable commitment. We aim to provide our colleagues with skills and knowledge that lead to increased professional confidence, better work and an edge in the field.

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3.3 Selected concessions may be excluded; please see offer for details of further information.

3.4 Confer reserves the right to terminate any concession at any time.

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5.1  Access to the module and Talks On Demand runs for 365 days from the date of purchase.  1 month before the end of that period you will be notified of the option to renew your subscription

5.2 We reserve the right to change, update, remove or add content at any time

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5.5 We will endeavour to make the module content and Talks On Demand available 24 hours every day. However, in the case of an unforeseen technical problem we reserve the right to down time in order to resolve this. In such cases, notice will be provided to you by email

5.6 If you are dissatisfied with the module content or the Talks On Demand please make a formal complaint to the Editor by email to bookings@confer.uk.com. We will do our upmost to address the area and offer a satisfactory solution

5.7 We reserve the right to recombine videos into new packages, which may have cheaper pricing at a later date. These discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to modules and/or Talks On Demand already purchased

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