Psychopathology: Theory and Practice

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Alexandra RichmanAnna MotzGill McGauleyRémy AquaroneLucy BivenDr David CelaniDr Ruth LaniusDr Susan MizenDr Phil MollonDr Clara MucciDr Adah SachsDr Allan SchoreProfessor Mark SolmsDr Celia TaylorDr Ronald DoctorMary HaleyProfessor Onno van der HarProfessor Jeremy HolmesProfessor Brett KahrDr Jean KnoxDr Estela Welldon

This newly curated collection of presentations provides a glimpse into the field of psychopathology, ranging from severe manifestations of forensic psychological disorders to the more ordinary neuroses of everyday life. The collection combines 21 hours of edited audio or video material, which has been selected from our other online modules for its relevance to this theme. The package focuses on conditions that are described as mental illnesses, and which satisfy DSM diagnostic criteria but discussed via a range of different theoretical perspectives.


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  • 21 hours of video and audio presentations illustrated with captions, diagrams or images
  • Supporting notes, slides or references
  • Bibliography linked to relevant articles and books
  • Additional resources relating to each speaker
  • discussion forum
  • A Certificate of Attendance through which you can acquire up to 21 hours CE on the basis of a multiple choice questionnaire assessing your knowledge of the module.


  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the traditional taxonomy of psychopathology (e.g. neurodevelopmental disorders; personality disorders; paraphilic disorders; anxiety disorders).
  2. Compare and assess the psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic alternatives to the study of aetiology and treatment.
  3. To be able to discuss the different ways in which developmental trauma neglect and abuse influence the aetiology of Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorder.
  4. To assess and describe the importance of carefully placed boundaries when working with forensic patients, the risk of triggers.
  5. To be able to analyze and design ways of working more effectively with psychotherapy patients who have fears of committing acts of violence, and to place those fears into the context of adverse childhood experiences and disturbed attachment relationships.
  6. To understand the neurobiological basis of anxiety, to be able to identify the two different patterns generated by fear and grief, along with appropriate treatment options.
  7. To be able to ethically interview and assess the fitness and suitability of severely traumatized people to stand trial or appear as witnesses in court.
  8. To be able to consider the impact of transference on treatment teams in a forensic setting and to understand which measures might mitigate this.